Friday, November 04, 2005

I'm walking in Snowshine...

Walking to work this morning was delightful as a few tiny snowflakes swirled sporadically about, our first snow. Although not heavy enough to stay around, there is something inherently magical about the first time it snows (I will admit that it does quickly lose it's appeal as winter drags on) and I couldn't help but smile as I watched the snowflakes fall.

For me, snowflakes in themselves are like tiny miracles of beauty; growing up on Vancouver Island, sheltered from the realities of a true Canadian winter, I honestly thought that "snowflakes" were an artists' construct that appeared annually on Christmas cards, a decoration or perhaps an "interpretation" of what the artists felt a snowflake must look like (snow on the coast is wet, and doesn't resemble flakes as much as "clumps" of snow).

I think I will always remember the moment that, in -40 weather, I noticed the snowflakes on the ground twinkling beneath a street lamp... it was with pure childlike amazement that I reached out to touch them, and discovered that really, no two were alike!

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